You’re a changemaker, giving your best every day – at work, to family, and in your community

When is it YOUR time?

Is the way you work filling your heart, or draining your soul?

How are you getting in your own way?

Before you take on the world, better take on yourself

Imagine your life and leadership with:

  • The big F-Word: FREEDOM
  • Clarity of patterns, purpose, and passion
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Excellent communication and feedback skills
  • Reduced stress and reactivity
  • Alignment with what matters to you
  • Understanding your impact on others

It's time to reclaim yourself, your time, and your values!

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Waking up individuals, leaders, and teams

Leadership & Teams

Leaders and teams that are emotionally intelligent have a remarkable advantage in today’s workplace. Coaching is a transformative tool for awakening and aligning the people on your team.

Personal development

After spending your life focused on your family, colleagues, and community, now is the time to shine the light on yourself. Come home to your true brilliance. Self-attention is not selfish!

Habit Busting

If work and life have you numbing out with alcohol, sweets or Netflix, you’re not alone. Retrain, repair, and reset your brain with compassionate coping strategies. Set healthy boundaries, and tame your triggers.

I’m committed to you becoming fully engaged, integrated, and awake in your life and leadership

It’s my mission to serve the transformation of women business owners and leaders to be fulfilled, purposeful, and aligned – to lead with vision and impact the world from a foundation of truth and compassion.

I am dedicated to personal, emotional, and heartFULL development – yours and mine.

I use the Enneagram as a roadmap into our motivations and instincts. It offers the WHY for how we think, act, and feel. With this tool, our connections deepen and trust is built as we recognize autopilot behaviors that arise when we get triggered, stressed, or overcommitted.

My approach is less rah rah and more reality – you’ll go deep but be supported at every step and leave every session with solid action steps, practical strategies, and cutting-edge resources to help you to slow down, lead with purpose, and savor your life.

Now is your time!

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After my financial advisory firm went through a merger, I was concerned about the blend of personality and leadership. Using the Enneagram, Margot helped us relate to one another with respect and understanding. This wisdom we gained helped us foster a successful partnership through the merger and beyond.

Barbara K.


Margot is at once fierce, insightful, warm and inviting. Under her skillful coaching, I acquired clear direction, and built an action plan for my professional development. Her blend of practical inquiry and spiritual context helped me address fears from the past and move forward into a new horizon of possibilities.

Kathleen R.


Working with Margot and the Enneagram, I identified behaviors and patterns that stand in my way, learned to connect with my emotions, and created awareness and presence. Margot’s compassion, sincerity and integrity immediately made me feel safe and comfortable to explore the areas of my life which I have spent years avoiding. I now have clarity around my leadership goals.

Cassie M

Marketing Director

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