What qualifies me to be your coach?

I’m a leadership coach with a passion for working with women leaders and their teams in industries including healthcare, finance, law, and non-profits. I hold a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and bring over 30 years of experience as a business owner, certified rehabilitation and career counselor, expert witness and professional coach. I became certified as an Enneagram teacher in 2014 and as a coach in 2018. I utilize my Enneagram In Business training to guide leaders and teams toward mastery and excellence in leadership and team dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, feedback, and integrated decision-making.

Coaching with me results in heart-full, integrated, and compassionate life and leadership. My philosophy is this: When you know yourself deeply, you have the freedom to live and lead with purpose, create impactful change, and inspire others to bring out the very best in themselves.

My subspecialty is working with people who want to change their relationship with food and alcohol. I’m a certified Gray Area Drinking coach and use the Enneagram along with strategies based on neuroscience to combat stress and integrate new, healthy habits.

I’m a strong believer in service. I volunteer with CWEE, the Center for Work Education Employment in Denver, an organization that supports the advancement of individual families and the prosperity of the community. I’m highly involved with the Enneagram Prison Project as a coach to formerly incarcerated individuals and as part of their stewardship circle.  I’m in training to become a guide with EPP and will teach their compassionate Enneagram curriculum in state and federal prisons around the country.

I transformed the way I was living, but I didn’t do it alone. When you work with me, you’ll have a coach who is intuitive, grounded, and insightful and who always has your back.

Let’s Get Personal

I like to say I woke up with the Enneagram. Introduced to me at one of the lowest points of my life, learning this system was akin to being given a playbook for my life.

The truth is, I often felt lost and had limited ability to express what I was feeling. I appeared to “have it all going on.” Yet, how I presented myself to the world was incongruent with how I viewed myself on the inside.

All of this changed in 2006 when a gifted therapist introduced me to the Enneagram, meditation, and transformative work to quiet my critical mind. Once I reconnected with myself, I was empowered. My business skyrocketed. I transformed unhealthy habits and opened my heart to true connection.

Here is what I know for sure: When I stay true to my heart, take care of myself, and honor my intuition, everything else falls into place.