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Leadership & Team Development

Before your team takes on the world, better start with yourselves

When your team engages Margot Burns Coaching, you will experience:

  • Clarity in leadership vision
  • Increased trust, understanding, alignment, and collaboration
  • Honest and effective communication
  • Compassionate conflict resolution
  • Mastery in giving and receiving feedback
  • Integrated decision making
  • Expanded efficiency and time management
  • Practical stress-busting strategies
Enneagram specialist in Denver

The Enneagram Empowerment Principle:
9 Ways of Leading

The Enneagram has been taught at Stanford School of Business and Harvard. It is used worldwide in corporations and non-profit organizations

With the Enneagram Empowerment Principle, leaders will gain insight into their own work style and team dynamics.  It is a process that guides leaders and teams through intentional transition.  This system sheds light on the gift of each type and how everyone can make a contribution in service to the company’s mission, vision and values.

Current Program Offerings

Don’t Put Me In a Box: 9 Ways to Freedom

  • Understand your leadership style with its strengths and challenges
  • Know your impact on others
  • Recognize your patterns and how to “catch yourself in the act”
  • Integrate your 3 centers of intelligence: head, heart, body

Communication Styles: 9 Ways of Relating

  • Clarity of your distinct communication style
  • Clear strategies to recognize your patterns and impact on others
  • Practical skills to enhance your communication strengths and address your challenges
  • Ways to handle different perspectives and use collaboration

The Art of Feedback: 9 Ways of Giving and Receiving Truthbombs

  • Recognize your distinct viewpoint colors your feedback
  • Mastery of accepting feedback without taking it personally
  • Enhanced team dynamics and connection through truth
  • Strategies to shift your automatic patterns

“I Hear You”: 9 Ways to Compassionate Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding of your unique triggers and how to deal with them
  • Practices for the PAUSE and best ways to approach conflict from your viewpoint
  • Effective listening skills
  • Recognition of the underlying needs and motivations of other viewpoints

Stress-Busting 101: 9 Ways To Cool, Calm and Collected

  • Identify stress triggers that ramp up your nervous system
  • Become a badass with boundaries
  • Shift your mindset about self-care: self-attention is not selfish!
  • Come away with practical, grounding practices to use every day
Margot Burns is an incredibly gifted coach. She has the ability to listen well, synthesize information, and guide the client to a better understanding of their overall strengths and weaknesses. She has an excellent command of the Enneagram and uses this tool as part of her coaching.
Dena S.

I started coaching with Margot when my son was getting older, I was intentionally growing my business, and I knew that I needed to focus more on myself again. Every coaching session I’ve had with Margot has had remarkable results without feeling at all overwhelming. Margot has helped me to communicate better and create boundaries, which was long overdue. With Margot’s help, And I’ve discovered that I can be a badass without being a bad person!

Amy B.

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