You’re a force to be reckoned with, giving your best every day to family, community and colleagues

But what are you giving YOURSELF?

When will it be YOUR time?

Margot Burns Coaching

for Personal and Professional Development

FREEDOM is about living and leading in alignment with your core values by first rediscovering and embodying YOUR own value.

What if you gave yourself as much care and attention as you gave to everyone else?

Margot’s coaching results in heart-full, integrated, and compassionate life and leadership

When you know yourself deeply, you have freedom to live and lead with an open heart, create impactful change, and inspire others to bring out the very best in themselves.

In the three-month Reclaim Yourself program you will:

  • Dedicate time to yourself
  • Shift your mindset about self-attention and the value of your time
  • Discover the freedom that comes with knowing yourself deeply and honestly
  • Reclaim what has been inside you all along

It's time to reclaim yourself, your time, and your values!

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I took an Enneagram class and it brought me face to face with old beliefs and patterns that had been running my life. I needed support processing what I was feeling and Margot helped me understand how to recognize and stay with my feelings. I learned to incorporate this new awareness into my choices, what to do when I get off base, and how to break out of old thoughts. I am free from so much of my pain. Margot is a terrific coach, listens deeply, and has a beautiful way of holding you fully and guiding you to do your work. Margot coaches from her heart and is brilliant at connecting you with your own.

Jamie D.

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