The Enneagram is a powerful system for personal and professional development

It has been used for decades and provides you with a better understanding of yourself and others. With this foundation, I nudge you out of your comfort zone toward self-inquiry and truth-telling. Results ensue.

The Enneagram also offers a WHY for what we think, do and feel and gives us insight into our motivations. When this happens, our connections deepen and trust is built. And, this is core to a better relationship with ourselves and our teams.


Enneagram specialist in Denver

Coaching with the Enneagram

provides life-long change in individuals and teams

Personal Development

The Enneagram reminds us of our gifts and helps us recognize autopilot behaviors that arise when we get triggered, stressed, or overcommitted. When we really understand ourselves and our core motivations, we can have a better relationship with ourselves.

Leadership & Teams

A deeper understanding of each other’s motivations increases trust and connection among even the most diverse group of individuals. The system also facilitates productive conflict that leads to increased team member commitment and accountability.

Improve your life, leadership, or team dynamics!

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The Enneagram Empowerment Principle

 With the Enneagram Empowerment Principle, leaders will gain insight into their own work style and the team dynamics.  It is a process that guides leaders and teams through intentional transition.  This system sheds light on the gift of each type and how everyone can make a contribution in service to the company’s mission, vision and values. 

The Enneagram has been taught at Stanford School of Business and is used worldwide in corporations and non-profits

With Margot Burns Coaching you will experience:

  • Increased capacity for professional and personal growth
  • Clarity in leadership vision
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Expanded efficiency
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased understanding of others’ viewpoint
  • Effective communication between colleagues
  • Compassionate conflict resolution
  • Integrated decision making
  • Enhanced business procedures
  • Mastery in giving and receiving feedback

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