The Enneagram

What’s your leadership type?

The Perfectionist

Ones seek a better world and know the right way to make it happen. One leaders inspire others to achieve quality and they lead by example.

Strengths | principled | organized | high integrity | honest
Challenges | judgemental | critical | opinionated | self-controlled

Wake Up Call: Feeling obligated to fix everything – “If I don’t do it, no one will.”
Growth Edge: Discover what is right about this moment, just as it is.


The Giver

Twos seek to be liked and have an innate capacity to know what others need. Two leaders are excellent at developing relationships, motivating others and being of service.

Strengths | empathic | supportive | insightful | generous
Challenges | people-pleasing | indirect | manipulative | overcommitted

Wake Up Call: Leaning in and creating dependence in others – “Are we OK?”
Growth Edge: Focus first on your own need.



The Performer

Threes seek success and admiration. They are task-oriented and goal-driven. Three leaders get results and help their team understand the organization’s purpose and structure.

Strengths | adaptable | boundless energy | confident | efficient
Challenges | competitive | impatient | image-conscious | overly busy

Wake Up Call: Believing your value depends on your success – “Do you approve of me?”
Growth Edge: Slow down and appreciate the moment – give yourself enough time to discover what you feel.

The Romantic

Fours seek authentic connections with themselves and others and tend to have intense feelings and experiences. Four leaders create teams and organizations that are meaningful and inspire teams to do excellent work.

Strengths | inspiring | creative | authentic | expressive
Challenges | intense | temperamental | dramatic | self-absorbed

Wake Up Call: Holding onto intense feelings through the imagination or withdrawing to gain attention – “I am my feelings”
Growth Edge: Stop the “movie” playing in your head and sense the innate goodness in yourself.


The Observer

Fives seek security through information and knowledge and they seek to avoid intrusions. They are objective and insightful but can come across as aloof or detached.

Strengths | perceptive | analytical | systematic | expert
Challenges | secretive | isolated | withholding | unassertive

Wake Up Call: Being preoccupied with thoughts – “I’ve got to figure this out”
Growth Edge: Connect with someone you trust – Know when you know enough.



The Loyal Skeptic

Sixes seek certainty by planning and preparing for what could go wrong. Some sixes seek an external authority to follow while others might be rebellious. Six leaders are highly loyal and they ensure every team member is included in the solution to a problem.

Strengths | insightful | collaborative | responsible | engaging
Challenges | anxious | overly questioning | analysis paralysis | contrarian

Wake Up Call: Seeking external guidance, testing others’ commitment – “What do you think?”
Growth Edge: Refrain from asking others for advice and tap into your own wisdom.


The Epicure

Sevens seek possibilities and are excited by new ideas, people, and experiences. They want to avoid limitations and keep their options open. Seven leaders are innovative and effective at getting their team excited about new ways of doing things.

Strengths | imaginative | enthusiastic | versatile | spontaneous
Development | impulsive | unfocused | rebellious | superficial

Wake Up Call: Fear of missing out; distracting others with ideas – “Hey, what are you guys doing?”
Growth Edge: Savor the moment you are in.


The Protector

Eights seek fairness and justice and are natural leaders. They seek power and deny their own vulnerability. Eights leaders and move the organization forward with their vision. They are excellent at motivating and empowering others to action.

Strengths | direct | strategic | protective | decisive
Challenges | controlling | confrontational | disdain dishonesty | intimidating

Wake Up Call: Forcing things to happen or digging in with more force – “I’ve got it.”



The Mediator

Nines seek a harmonious and peaceful environment and they avoid conflict. Nine leaders are inclusive and help form a collaborative and collective mission, ensuring that every team member is seen and heard.

Strengths | receptive | easygoing | welcoming | excellent listeners
Challenges | self-forgetting | passive | procrastinating | resigned

Wake Up Call: Checking out or going along to get along/overly accommodating – “I’m nobody special”
Growth Edge: Take decisive action to do something you want to do, or say something you want to say.