How are you coping with stress?

Are you stress eating or drinking too much?

If you are anything like I was, your strategy is to avoid these questions with overcommitting, overworking, and just plain overwhelm. I have been a single mother, business owner, fitness buff, health food nut and all-around badass. From the outside, it looked like I had it all going on. But, I was pushing through every day and numbing out every night. Does this sound familiar?

Here’s the catch: When you don’t give yourself time to recharge or you don’t have ways to calm your nervous system, it’s easy to convince yourself that “just one glass” or “just one cookie” will take the edge off. How often does “just one” turn into three glasses or the entire sleeve of Thin Mints? Are you beating yourself up in the morning for giving in?

There is nothing wrong with you!

You need healthy strategies and habits to cope with anxiety and stress.

You can break this cycle!

How do I stop drinking?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you worry about how much you’re drinking?
  • Are you drinking more than you know is healthy?
  • Do you keep your drinking a secret?


  • Are you coping with cookie dough?
  • How often are you reaching for a snack when what you really need is a break?
  • What are you REALLY hungry for?

You have the power to shift these patterns!

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You are not alone

Since Covid hit the US, drinking skyrocketed, especially in women, and over 61% of Americans reportedly gained weight. Stress was one of the main culprits.

Want more mindful coping strategies?

The Habit Busting program is designed for you!

Habit Busting Program Results

  • Freedom from using alcohol and unhealthy food to cope
  • A calm, cool and collected nervous system
  • Personalized and practical stress-busting habits
  • A new mindset about self care
  • Badass boundary-setting skills
Strategic Tools + Emotional Intelligence = Transformation

What people have to say about Habit Busting Coaching with Margot

My work with Margot was truly transformative. She has the exquisite capacity to be present, compassionate and direct. I felt like I could share anything and that she would give her heartfelt wisdom in response. I highly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed.

Margot led the group in a calm and reflective way that sets a comforting tone from the start. I felt safe to be honest and vulnerable. This security helped me be more successful instead of having an all or nothing attitude. I was able to take bits of knowledge from each person’s experiences. I loved the questions posed from Margot that brought awareness on our choices and thoughts. Very intuitive.

Margot was such a good facilitator of this program. Her personal experiences, professional expertise and communication skills make this program a success for me and for others.

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