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The Boldness of Boundaries

Feb 25, 2022

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

~ Anne Lamott ~

Last week I wrote about the benefits of boundaries. The invitation was to block off some time for yourself every day, even if only a few moments.

What did you notice when you said YES to yourself?

By taking this intentional action, you are sending a message that you value yourself and your time.

Newsflash: When you value yourself, you’ll stop tolerating a lot of crap from others.

Cultivating your skills for setting and holding boundaries is so important I’m inviting you to another challenge:

Ask Yourself This: What am I tolerating?

(Please answer without judgement. We all put up with stuff and then feel frustrated. It is being human.)

Here is an example: I’m tolerating a colleague who interrupts me and others in meetings.

Try This: Stand up for Yourself with a Boundary

Here was my solution: “Mr. Man (no, no, I used his name), when you interrupt me I feel frustrated and wonder if you are listening to what I am saying. Please let me finish talking before you respond.”

Remember this: Keep it simple and direct. People will treat you in the way you allow them to. If you want to be treated with respect and compassion, start now by treating yourself that way.

If you are an Enneagram enthusiast, you know that we can all struggle with boundaries – in 9 different ways. If setting boundaries is challenging or feels downright impossible for you, I can help. I invite you to reclaim your freedom and call me for a discovery session today.


Life Coach Margot Burns, DenverAbout Margot Burns

Creator of Reclaim Yourself and the Enneagram Empowered Leader Programs

I’m a leadership coach with a passion for working with women leaders and their teams in industries including healthcare, finance, law, and non-profits. I transformed the way I was living, but I didn’t do it alone. In 2006 a gifted therapist introduced me to the Enneagram, meditation, and transformative work to quiet my critical mind. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-observation, and self-responsibility. It is the most effective personal growth and leadership tool I have come across in my 30 years of coaching and consulting.

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